Aquila Retreats is ideally suited to a longer stay to experience the beautiful views and restfulness of the location,

We will provide you with a warm and comfortable stay in your room including breakfast. There is a full board option at an additional rate of £15 per day. We can provide you with information about the local area or with a bicycle to get you out on an adventure exploring the scenic beauty of this area, helping you get in touch with your deeper self through nature.

We can also offer and guide you in a variety of wellbeing activities and prayer practices to assist your retreat enabling you in relaxing the body and restoring your mind and soul. Su and Roland have a Christian faith and work out of this tradition but can guide you using non-faith-based language as well. It is your choice. These practices/activities include:

  • One to one spiritual direction sessions – £16 per hour session.
    Su can offer a spiritual accompaniment session each day to assist you to tune into the work of God within you as you move through the retreat. These can take place in her office or in the retreat library.
  • A variety of well-being body movement practices and techniques – £12 per 45 minute session.
    These can include a simplified form of Tai Chi, Pal Dan Gum stretches, head and finger holds, hand or foot massage, various EFT tapping etc.
  • Mindfulness and other simple meditation practices – £8 per 30 minute session.
    These can include mindful walking and eating or simple breathing techniques. A spiritual stilling or imaginative contemplation are also options.
  • Daily quiet spaces price after consultation.
    Su can offer you a morning Lectio Divina devotion, evening Examen or longer theme-focused morning or afternoon sessions where you can develop a variety of prayer practices to enhance your personal connection with God.
  • Other Resources – Free
    A variety of art and craft materials to explore during your retreat or games and jigsaws to enjoy and relax with.

These activities can really enhance your stay and we would encourage you to consider either asking on booking about these options or returning another time to try some of them out. We don’t believe you will be disappointed!